I have had a Sadhana – a daily practice – of yoga, pranayama, asana, meditation, mantra and study for 25 years, and have been running meditation groups for 22 years.

My meditations are recorded in the moment, unscripted.

In order to connect with more people, I am now posting meditations on Insight Timer. You can find them here:  www.insighttimer.com/PadmaDevi

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I hope to create a space for holistic practice, bringing people together and creating a wonderful community of unconditionally loving and caring people. In a busy world it is important to create time and space to just be, observe, enquire. When we meditate, we begin to restore, renew and relax.  Developing an awareness of our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, what serves good purpose and what does not.  We move closer to living life from Ahimsa – non-violence, loving kindness and compassion towards ourselves. Mahatma Gandhi said, “We are the change we wish to see in our world”.  In a world of duality how can we find equanimity?

My yoga and meditation groups are held at The Willow Clinic (one of the yoga classes is on Saturdays at 9am~10.30am at Blackheath Village Hall)

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Meditation for healing

“Lay down. Eyes softly closed. Notice how the ground beneath you and how it supports your body.

Begin to watch your steady breath.

Breathe in and feel your chest expand in all directions. Breathe out and notice how your breath soothes the heart space.


Spine lengthens. Shoulders lengthen away from ears, cheeks are smooth, eyes are soft, jaw is relaxed. Collar bone lengthens away from neck and chin. Arms lengthen away from shoulders, hands, fingers relax.

Notice each vertebrae of the spine lengthen away from each other creating space for the discs to hydrate, the nerves to stretch and the muscles of the back to surrender release and relax. Tail bone lengthens away towards the feet. Feel space length and energy flowing through and around your spine. Ribs create space between each other, as breath flows in and breath flows out. Sternum softens allowing the breath to circulate prana, life force energy throughout the body. Belly softens, pelvis softens creating space between the ribs and the hips. Thighs lengthen away from pelvis. Knees soften as lower legs lengthen away from knees. Ankles lengthen away from lower legs. Feet and toes relax. Whole body surrenders to presence, breath flows in, expanding, breath flows out, surrendering to the present moment. This wonderful moment where your breath reminds you. I Am Alive, I Am Right Here. I Am Infinite Expansion. I Am Total Bliss.

Mind calms, thoughts become like soft white fluffy clouds drifting up and out over the horizon of your mind. 

Notice the vibration, the hum of the healing energy within.

Be here……..

Healing, restoring, relaxing.

You can repeat the Mantra “Anando Hum” ~ I Am Bliss

When you are ready, return to observing the inhalation and the exhalation. Allow the breath to bring you back to the present moment.  Opening your eyes.


Padma Devi

Surrender to healing.