Affirmation of the month

My meditation is my daily practice that keeps me anchored in truth.

Here I will share some of my insights with you.


Sometimes we cling on to situations, relationships, jobs, stories, beliefs, labels, that no longer bring us fulfilment, joy, authenticity.

We forget our worth. That we are worthy of happiness.

Sometimes we fear change because it is the unknown; we may feel as though we are out of control.

We may have to make a choice, that we feel could cause emotional suffering to another, whilst suffering ourselves.

Life has these dualities, changes, so that we can grow.

How long we cling to the emotion, narrating the thoughts from a place of fear, anger, resentment, hurt, is our choice.

We can choose less suffering by establishing ourselves in the present moment, not making assumptions about the future, or taking things personally from the past.

When we are in the present moment we truly know what we need.

Then we need authenticity and courage to take those steps to change.

Glancing back occasionally and recognising that through our greatest difficulties came the greatest wisdom.


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