Affirmation of the month

My meditation is my daily practice that keeps me anchored in truth.

Here I will share some of my insights with you.


“The Bridge”


There is a bridge inside of us, built only by love.

A bridge that connects all beings.

A bridge that comes from a point of light within the heart of me.

A bridge that comes from point of light within the heart of you.

A gift the universe gave us to discover and build ourselves.

When we discover this bridge exists, we become aware that we are the only ones who can pull it down.

The point of light remains, always radiating.

The bridge is built by our love, forgiveness, patience, sharing, opening and authenticity.

It is destroyed by our judgements, lack of communication, jealousy, anger, assumptions, sufferings.

We always need to maintain the structure of the bridge and can do this through the practice of yoga, movement, meditation, breath, mantra, sound.

Explore ways to maintain your bridge, contributing to the positive changes we wish to see in this world.


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