About The Willow Clinic

The Willow Clinic and The Buddha Room are beautiful and peaceful spaces built for the purpose of therapeutic treatments, yoga and meditation, with by Sal Worringham. The clinic is situated in the quiet village of Wonersh, just 10 minutes from Guildford, Godalming and Cranleigh, by car.


Through 27 years of continual study and personal practice, Sal has found many ways in which to support and compassionately guide others on a discovery to explore their true nature, guiding their own enquiry, personal empowerment and expansion. Her own personal experiences have been positively supported by practices such as Meditation, EFT, Mantra, Full 8 Limb Yoga, Bowen technique, Compassionate Inquiry, Internal Family Systems and various Body/Energy work.

Alongside her busy treatment practice, Sal runs 5 different meditation groups, including a fortnightly Friday group on Zoom (which is also recorded), as well as 2 yoga classes a week – one on Zoom and one in person – plus day workshops.

Sal’s continued development continues on her own personal journey of Meditation, recently completing training in Compassionate Inquiry by Dr Gabor Maté, continued training, workshops in Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing. Openly sharing her years of training and teaching with those who continue to enjoy her classes, workshops and treatments.

Sal loves to share workshops with other practitioners and works regularly to support her fellow therapists – some of these can be found here.

A word from Sal





The Willow Clinic and The Buddha Room were built with love, by my wonderful husband Tommi

My passion is learning and sharing the many empowering techniques that support emotional wellness by uncovering the core beliefs, perceptions, defence and coping strategies that keep us in anxiety, stress responses, negative thoughts, repetitive patterns and suffering.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey of self care and wellbeing, be it through the practices of Yoga, Meditation, Workshops, Therapy Treatments, with authenticity and compassion.

I am truly grateful to continue learning, through workshops and courses with such inspirational teachers who have dedicated their lives to help humanity. Thankyou to

Dr Gabor Maté, Peter Levine, Dr Richard Schwartz, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Byron Katie


Namaste Sal

For further information about therapies available, follow this link, or to book an appointment, visit the contact page.