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Today I wonder and think about our inner thoughts.  How do our thoughts effect our outer reactions? sometimes we can be completely unaware that we are even reacting, unaware that our thoughts might not even be our own and could be caught up by the dramas of others and the world we live in. 

Are we mindful of the little wars that we create inside our minds? wars that may spill over into our relationships.  Relationships with ourselves, our family and friends, our work colleagues, people we pass on the street, in cars or walking and with our world,  sometimes with people we have never even met.  Are we mindful of the inner judge?

When I catch myself warring in my head, I use a great word I learned whilst on a course with DavidJI.  


STOP, OBSERVE, DETACH and AWAKEN TO YOUR BEST SELF.  Just starting by becoming mindful of the inner thoughts and saying STOP just for a moment, OBSERVE, why do you really feel like that? where does that really come from? and DETACH, even just taking a big breath in and out, stepping away, putting down the phone and saying to ourselves what would my most aware and loving self do now? what do i really need in this moment to change this thought process that is hurting me, or causing me distress?

Here we create a pattern interrupt. A pause.  A moment between our thoughts were we could respond rather than react.

In this moment of mindfulness we could change our mind and even change our world.

I also use another inner chat, saying to myself, just like me this person or thing is looking for love, just like me this person or thing is looking for peace, unity, safety and friendship. This brings understanding, tolerance, compassion, kindness.  

What if we were a little more mindful of the space between our ears? how would our world look? how would our relationships be? how would we feel about ourselves?

Maybe we could consider Learning from the little wars we create within us.

How many of us have ever had the thought? hmmmmmm its alright for them!  This persons life is so much easier than mine? how many of us have stood at the school gates or sat at work, or been with friends or family and thought everybody else’s life is richer, fuller, more complete than mine? I wonder if we ever stop and realise that others maybe saying the same things about us to themselves?

I wonder why we look outwardly for validation?  do we even recognise when we do this? What if we could catch ourselves in that moment and just say stop!  What if in that moment we could say something else instead like,  ‘I’m doing okay’  or  ‘I am doing my very best with the knowledge I have in this moment’ 

If we only took a few moments to SODA and look at the simple gifts we actually have in our lives, rather than what we do not have, comparing ourselves with others.  For example. That we can see the beauty of the day, we can hear the sounds of the day, we can smell taste and feel. What if our attention was on how grateful we are for the little things?

What if we approached ourselves with that kind of mindful awareness? if we showed ourselves even more kindness, gentleness, compassion and looked inward for that validation? and do this every time our thoughts begin to create doubt. We may be able to show others the same, even those we thought had let us down.

When we start to compare and compete. What if in that moment we could change our thought process and tell ourselves something wonderful. 

I’m/their doing my best with the knowledge I/they have in this moment is a good start. What if we didn’t react, but we began to take responsibility for the space between ears and truly listen to our thoughts and discover what our real feelings and beliefs are? What if the wars within us started to become peaceful, because all we did was change our mind? and that gentle inner peace began to spill out and become peace between us and other people, counties and our world? what would our world look like then?

There are lots of tools i use to help me go into that inner peace and stillness.  I meditate and teach meditation groups, I work to help others find their empowered selves and along the way the world teaches me the same.

This was my thought, so i decided to overcome my own inner war.  One i have had since school.  Thinking i am daft or stupid, being dyslexic and told you would never really do much in the world!

But I did do something, I am always becoming the change i wish to see in my world.  A world where we can accept that we are all want the same simple things, to love and be loved, to be of value and valued, to be our own beautiful unique fabulous selves and be accepted.

I feel very grateful for Gandhi for this beautiful statement.

We are the change we wish to see in our world. Keep changing and don’t let anyone ever tell you, you can’t.

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