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  1. The Willow Clinic and The Buddha Room are beautiful and peaceful spaces built for the purpose of healing and therapeutic treatments, yoga and meditation.
The clinic’s are situated at the back of my garden, in the quiet village of Wonersh, just 10 minutes from Guildford, Godalming and Cranleigh by car.
In bringing together the therapist and this peaceful space, we strive to create an environment where a person can safely reorientate towards their true nature. Discovering what is needed to support the mind, body in healing.

Sal is a very special lady indeed - sensitive, focused, unselfish, open, gifted, loving - and funny! the opening of the Willow Clinic, with the opportunity to treat people in a peaceful haven of her own, has been the achievement of a long-standing dream.
Her Bowen Treatments have made a massive difference to me and her support through years of ill health has been amazing.

Shirley Upton

Sal is an amazing healer and therapist - it is due to her work that I have got through my most difficult challenges. I have no doubt that anyone who either attends a workshop or sees Sal privately will gain every benefit.

Kelly Mayne

Sal treated my youngest son for Osgood Schlatters (growing pains or shin splints) 2 years ago. My GP prescribed simply rest and he would be out of sports for 6 months. After 3 months being treated by Sal, he was back playing sport and has not had a recurrence. Some of his friends who suffered with the same, have had recurrences.

Lisa Rivington

Sal is a wonderful, natural teacher. She has an amazing ability to work with individuals and guide groups through the most stunning meditations in a relaxed and supportive environment.
Spending time with Sal and the rest of our meditation group at The Willow Clinic has helped me to learn healing practices, encouraged me to trust my intuition and enables me to relax.
I have done many workshops at The Willow Clinic that I have really enjoyed and continue to have various treatments as and when I need them.

Gina Baker

Sal and I have worked together for a long time.
Originally I was her client and I continue to see her for supervision after I trained as a both a Holistic Massage Therapist, and a Touch for Health Practitioner & Instructor.
She has always provided me with a supportive and encouraging environment, which enables me to go at my own pace but also challenges me to become the best version of myself.

Even now as a mentor she supports my ventures by enabling me to provide the best treatments for my clients and by allowing me to provide Massage and Touch for Health Treatments and Classes at The Willow Clinic.

Emily Tuck