My meditations are recorded in the moment, unscripted

I Am now posting Meditations on Insight Timer.

I also send out monthly what’s app or email recorded Meditations.  Please email me either your mobile number or email address if you would like to receive my meditations   You will find contact details on our contact us page.


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Meditation for healing.
“Lay down. Feel the ground supporting you. Visualize your spine. Breathe in energy, as you breathe out feel the spine lengthen. Lower jaw moving away from upper jaw. Neck moving away from scull. Collar bone moving away from neck and chin. Feel the vertebrae of the spine moving away from each other creating length and space for the discs to hydrate, the spinal cord to lengthen, the nerves to stretch and the muscle to surrender and relax. Tail bone lengthens away towards the feet. Feel space length and energy flowing through your spine. Ribs create space between each other. Sternum softens allowing breath to circulate life force through the body. Shoulders moving away from collar bone. Upper arms moving away from shoulders. Elbows moving away from upper arms. Lower arms moving away from elbows. Wrists moving away from lower arms. Hands fingers moving away from wrists. Pelvis moving away from ribs and spine. Thighs moving away from pelvis. Knees moving away from thighs. Lower legs moving away from knees. Ankles moving away from lower legs. Feet and toes moving away from ankles. Body long. Breath flowing energy. Mind moving away from thoughts. Consciousness expanding.
Surrender to healing.