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Talking with a therapist can help you understand how to manage difficult feelings, problems, conflict and distress. A way of exploring and untangling thoughts and feelings.  It can help you to move on with your life in a more fulfilling way. Anger management, bereavement, anxiety, depression, relationships issues, divorce, eating patterns, child related issues and addiction are just some of the reasons for seeking therapy. You might not feel there is a specific issue, just an uneasiness and a desire to think about that.

My integrative approach draws particularly upon person-centred and psychodynamic approaches as well as existential philosophies. We cannot change the past events in our lives but we can choose how we think about them and how they affect our current being. I believe we all have the ability to change and grow. Therapy is a safe space to bring issues and to think about things that maybe troubling. How much you wish to say is your choice.